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The Athletes Compound at Saddlebrook

Making Great Athletes Even Greater

For over four years, The Athletes Compound at Saddlebrook has provided personalized nutritional and general fitness training to professional athletes in various sports. Upon arrival, every athlete is assessed to determine his or her particular competencies and areas for improvement. Our staff then customizes a meal plan, which is prepared by Saddlebrook's award-winning culinary team led by Chef Daniel Desmond. The Athletes Compound staff creates an individualized strength, speed, conditioning, agility, and flexibility work-out program for every athlete. Strenuous exercise and efforts take place every day on our Field-Turf and natural turf football fields and in the Performance Center in Saddlebrook's Sports Village.

Every January, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and other agents send about 30 of their top professional baseball players to train in The Athletes Compound. For the fifth straight year, superstars like Derek Jeter and Ryan Zimmerman spent their off-seasons working under our tutelage at Saddlebrook. Ryan Howard was back again throughout the winter and spring getting in shape after tearing his Achilles tendon on the final out of the 2011 NLCS. Other baseball stars, like All-Star pitchers Tyler Clippard of the Nationals; Chris Perez of the Indians, who currently leads the American League in saves; Jon Jay of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals; the Astros' Jed Lowrie; and many others made Saddlebrook their homes from early January until leaving for spring training in mid-February.

The Athletes Compound also prepares college football players for the Combine and the NFL draft during the winter months. This year, the most notable was Alshon Jeffery of the University of South Carolina. Alshon was taken by the Chicago Bears in the second round - the 45th player selected in the draft. Alshon's draft status was dramatically enhanced by improvement of his 40-yard dash time and significant weight reduction while at Saddlebrook. NFL veterans also returned to The Athletes Compound this spring: the Jets' Dustin Keller returned for his third straight year, the Steelers' Will Allen, the Bucs' Davin Joseph, the Packers' Mike Neal, and several others spent months at Saddlebrook preparing for the upcoming season. During the next several weeks, the numbers of NFL and CFL veterans at The Athletes Compound will swell as they prepare for training camp.

The Athletes Compound at Saddlebrook is also proud of the accomplishments of its athlete-clients in disciplines other than baseball and football, like the ATP's John Inser, and New York Rangers and NHL great Brad Richards, both of whom train at the Athletes Compound throughout the year.


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