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Saddlebrook and the Environment

Saddlebrook is a certified Florida Green Lodging Property!

Saddlebrook Recycles!

Saddlebrook is pleased to offer a comprehensive property wide recycling program. Saddlebrook and its affiliate companies; including Saddlebrook Preparatory School, the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy and the Saddlebrook International Tennis Program offer guest recycling as well as back of house team member recycling. Materials recycled by Saddlebrook include:

  • Aluminum
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Office Paper
  • Magazine Print
  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Steel
  • Electronics
  • Batteries
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Ink & Toner Cartridges


Saddlebrook's Green List

Thanks for caring enough about the natural environment to ask us what we do to help protect it! At Saddlebrook having a healthy and sustainable natural environment is very important to us, and our programs are constantly evolving as new opportunities, companies, and technologies become available for us to do an even better job. Below is the most current list of our top 10 “Green” policies and procedures In addition to recycling. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you should need further information and / or details on one of our programs.

  1. Golf Course Water Conservation: Saddlebrook recently took on a major expense in completely renovating our signature golf course designed by Golfing Legend Arnold Palmer. The nearly $2 Million renovation was so costly largely due to the advanced irrigation system installed. This computer-controlled system uses only a fraction of the water required by a typical Florida Golf Course.
  2. Laundry Treatment Facility: A large part of environmental protection has to do with the chemicals we use, and consequently what ends up in the local water supply. In our state of the art laundry facility we have chosen new technologies that feature an extremely high temperature wash cycle. The advantage of this type of a cleaning cycle is that it allows us to stay away from chlorine bleach completely, and use only mild biodegradable detergents in all of our processes.
  3. Guest Room Linens: At Saddlebrook we work with our guests to get everyone involved in solutions. We have a system in place that allows our guests to choose the frequency with which we launder bed and bath linens. In this way we are not only protecting the environment by washing only when necessary, but also enhancing guest service by providing a customized experience to everyone who stays at our property.
  4. Habitat Preservation: Along our golf courses, walking and jogging path's we maintain some exceptionally beautiful natural corridors. Not only does this enhance our guest’s enjoyment of our facilities, but it also serves to protect several key plant and animal species indigenous to our area. Including the Great Egret, which is endangered in several parts of the world and suffering dramatic habitat loss in the Southeastern United States, and the Bald Cypress Tree, a key species for maintaining the health of a wetland ecosystem.
  5. Active Climate Control: Both in our guest rooms and in our meeting facilities Saddlebrook has an active system of energy savings through active climate control. With over 40% of electrical energy consumption associated with climate control, we felt this was an important area to look for a savings. Each room in our conference center is individually computer-controlled to cool only the rooms that need it, and to cool them to exactly the right levels. Similarly when guest rooms are not being occupied thermostats are turned down to a setting, which keeps the room fresh, but does not cool excessively where it is not needed.
  6. Pool Chemical Delivery: Of course maintaining the proper chemical balance in a half million-gallon pool is an absolute necessity, so we once again rely on state of the art technology to deliver the most efficient combination of pool chemicals possible. This both minimizes resource consumption, and keeps the pool safe and enjoyable for all of our guests without producing an unpleasant chemical smell or residue.
  7. Compact Florescent Lighting: Compact fluorescents use only 25% of the energy of an equivalent incandescent bulb, and lasts 10 times longer. Consequently we have installed these bulbs in all our Guest rooms, Entry Hallways, and Outdoor Patios.
  8. Electric Carts: While many properties choose gas powered carts for guest room transportation, maintenance and golf course use, we have elected to use a fleet with a majority of the carts running on rechargeable electric batteries. Not only is this better for the environment, but there is less noise pollution so our guests can fully enjoy their resort experience.
  9. Employee Transportation: By using a model of central parking and providing bus transportation to our team members, we calculate that on average we save about 200 miles per day of cars being driven on the open roads. We can only hope that in addition to polluting less this also helps keep gas prices in check by lowering local demand and saving employee fill-ups!
  10. Purchasing Research: At Saddlebrook, we are actively pursuing a program of green buying in an effort to become a more conscientious consumer. The more we can incorporate green products into our internal structure, (such as recycled paper products) the more we join forces with a growing population of educated consumers who use their purchasing dollars to create a more hospitable environment for everyone.

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