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Palmer Golf Course

Par 71 ♦ 6,641 Yards

Don't be misled by the 6,641 yardage on this par 71 Arnold Palmer creation. It is a stout test. While many of the holes provide generous driving areas, the firm green fairways are contured to resemble a rolling New England course. Level ground is rare. Facing the green from the slanting fairways, the small elevated emerald islands framed by white-faced bunkers, azure ponds and gently swaying palm trees. Hilly lies and sweeping Florida breezes make it difficult to attain the accurancy needed to find these targets. The Tif-eagle greens are firm, fast and undulating, allowing only a crisply struck shot to hold their surface. Surrounding the greens, the thick, gnarly Bermuda rough tangles around the club and complicates the soft touch needed to play short pitch shots. Miss the green and you face a difficult par. Several holes require length; all reward finesse.

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