Frequently Asked Questions

How much spending money is needed?
Some activities involving costs include trips to the movies, the mall, amusement parks, and recreation centers. We encourage sending campers with a prepaid Visa or Mastercard debit card with a $150 value for each week of stay.

Gift cards in $50 increments can be purchased in advance to be used at any of the resort outlets, including the restaurants, the Pro Shop, etc.

Cash advances, cashing of personal checks, and room charging are NOT allowed for juniors.

Passports, airline tickets, any cash, and other valuable papers can be kept in the safe at the Saddlebrook Tennis office with limited access, preferably Monday through Friday, during lunchtime or by appointment. We recommend that campers do not keep cash or valuables in their rooms.

When should I plan to arrive and depart?
Plan to arrive early in the afternoon on Sunday, before the Mandatory Orientation at 4:00pm. Plan to depart the following Saturday; check-out time is at noon.

How do I arrange airport transportation?
Transportation is provided from and to Tampa International Airport at an additional cost. Please call for details. Please fill out travel information completely on the application. NOTE: A camp reservation will NOT be confirmed until any necessary transportation arrangements are made.

What should I pack?
We suggest having at least two racquets; stringing service is available at our Pro Shop. Please pack proper, comfortable tennis shoes: running shoes are not allowed on any of the courts. Bring several shorts and t-shirts for everyday work-outs; eight to ten pairs of socks; a few hats; casual clothes for evening activities; pajamas; and a bathing suit. Remember your personal toiletries including sunscreen, band aids, and incidentals needed such as Tylenol and Advil, or any necessary prescribed medications (which you must be responsible to manage taking on your own.) Please mark all personal items with your name.

Cell phones are allowed, but if they are abused or used at inappropriate times they will be taken away and returned upon departure. Calling cards are suggested as an alternative option.

Saddlebrook is not responsible for lost or missing articles. We do not recommend bringing expensive or unnecessary items, such as laptops, video games, etc.

Who will be my roommates?
Saddlebrook Tennis is an international program that attracts juniors from all over the world. Juniors are housed in suites that can accommodate up to six occupants. So, plan to meet many new and interesting friends. There is a section on the application for roommate requests, and in most cases, we are able to satisfy requests.

Is there supervision?
Saddlebrook Resort is a secure, gated property with 24-hour security. Resident Assistants (RA's) are on duty around the clock and very young campers may either be placed in the room with an RA or in an adjoining room.

How will campers be grouped on court?
Campers are grouped by level of ability. During the first few sessions of camp, adjustments will be made in order to match-up campers as accurately as possible.

What is the food like?
All of the campers' meals are prepared by our world-class resort chef and our fine culinary staff. Campers are served buffet-style and have plenty of healthy, tasty options for everyone to enjoy. Should you have a food allergy or special request, such as kosher or vegetarian meals, please let us know ahead of time and we will gladly accommodate your needs.

Can a camper receive mail?
Packages and letters will be delivered to the Saddlebrook Front Desk, and campers are notified. Please provide ample time for delivery to our shipping department and then to a camper. Letters sent regular mail to campers who are at Saddlebrook for only one week may not have sufficient time for delivery.

Send mail to: Camper's Name
c/o Saddlebrook Resort
5700 Saddlebrook Way
Wesley Chapel, FL 33543

What happens if a camper breaks the rules?
We take the responsibility of ensuring each camper's safety very seriously; therefore, our enforcement of rules and regulations is quite strict.

Saddlebrook reserves the right to remove campers from camp and send them home without a refund should their actions break the rules, damage property, and/or endanger themselves, their peers, or our staff.

Please make sure both parents and children have read the rules and regulations section of our application thoroughly prior to arrival and orientation. Our goal is to create a safe and enjoyable experience for every camper.

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