Pickleball at Saddlebrook Resort

Here at Saddlebrook Resort, we’re known nationwide as a premier destination for both golf and tennis—not to mention fabulous across-the-board luxury hospitality in Greater Tampa. Lately, we’ve begun offering an equally world-class venue for the fastest-growing sport in America: pickleball!

Needless to say, the Tampa Bay area offers great weather year-round for this super-fun game, something of a combination between tennis, ping-pong, and badminton and very much its own animal.

Pickleball at Saddlebrook Resort

Here at Saddlebrook Resort, our Pickleball Village appeals both to top-level players and those who’ve never wielded a pickleball racquet in their lives, but are keen to see what all the fuss is about.

As with the elite training resources and facilities we make available for golfing and tennis on our 480-acre grounds, we give you advanced options for improving your prowess on the pickleball court. After stretching and movement exercises, kick off a day’s session with pro tips and a half-hour clinic, followed by chalk talk and coached Round Robin-style match play. Following lunch, hours of open play are available in the afternoon.

All things considered—the subtropical climate and the luxury accommodations and on-site amenities we provide also very much among them—it’s hard to beat Saddlebrook Resort as a place for pickleball, no matter what your skill level!

Saddlebrook Resort: A World-Class Sporting Destination

Our Pickleball Village joins the already stellar athletic and recreational opportunities guests at Saddlebrook Resort enjoy. Those include a pair of Arnold Palmer signature golf courses, the par-71 Palmer Course and par-70 Saddlebrook Course, as well as our Saddlebrook Golf Academy, Saddlebrook Golf Training Center & Range, and variety of golf coaching programs aimed at both adults and youths.

Then there are our 40-plus tennis courts, covering all Grand Slam surfaces and rich opportunities for both top-tier tennis instruction and recreational play. An impressive cast of pro tennis players have trained at Saddlebrok, from Pete Sampras and Martina Hingis to Andy Roddick and John Isner.

And these facilities come complemented by multiple pools (including the 500,000-gallon Superpool) and our Sports Village with its state-of-the-art fitness center, wellness classes, and personal trainers.

Throw in our hundreds of deluxe guest rooms and suites, our multiple eateries and lounges, and the sheer beauty of our garden- and lagoon-strung car-free Walking Village, and you’ve got a truly world-class getaway for athletics and fitness here at Saddlebrook Resort. Book your stay with us today, and put pickleball on your to-do list!