Covid Basics for Saddlebrook Guest & Team Member Safety


Covid 19 Response Coordinator - As our Guest and Team Member safety is our top priority, and because appropriate steps for effective Covid 19 response are extremely fluid, Saddlebrook has designated a point person to oversee our efforts. This individual will spearhead Saddlebrook’s Covid 19 Focus Group, establish policies/protocols and training programs, audit Saddlebrook’s processes & make the necessary changes in keeping with local, state and federal mandates and guidelines.

Guest & Team Member Screening - To prevent the spread of Covid 19 and reduce potential exposure, Saddlebrook Guests will complete a brief questionnaire upon arrival. Team Members will complete a questionnaire and body temperature screening will take place pre-shift. Based on responses provided and temperature results, appropriate action will be taken in keeping with local, state and federal mandates, guidelines and best practices. Saddlebrook Management is committed to rigorously monitoring Team Members to ensure that anyone exhibiting Covid 19 like symptoms is sent home immediately.

Team Member Training - All Team Members receive training that includes the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) “Safe Stay” program. After initial training Team Members will receive ongoing reinforcement of Saddlebrook’s safety/sanitation, health and hygiene expectations. Additionally, all Team Members will receive frequently updated training with Management receiving expanded training that emphasizes our evolving response.

Enhanced Cleanliness Program: Covid 19 has heightened Saddlebrook’s already well established high cleaning standards. Our cleaning regime follows the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) “Safe Stay” program and we utilize Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommended cleaning products. More frequent and special attention is paid to high touch locations such as door handles, light switches and public restrooms and we have added staff that specializes in this area.

Hand Sanitizer/Hand Washing - Hand sanitizer dispensers, touchless whenever possible, are placed at key Guest and Team Member locations around property. Along with other hygiene reminders, Team Members are encouraged to wash their hands frequently.

Social Distancing & PPE - All Team Members will wear social distancing lanyards as a friendly reminder to remain at least 6 feet apart. Guests will be reminded to practice social distancing with individuals not traveling with them while standing in line and moving around property. All resort outlets will comply with local or state mandated occupancy limits. All Team Members are to wear an appropriate mask while in close contact with Guests or other Team Members. As appropriate, Team Members will use additional PPE such as gloves to perform duties.

Safe Contact Check In and Retail Outlet Process: Saddlebrook has implemented a safe check-in and retail outlet process in which “hand to hand” exchanges are minimized. In addition, we have installed plexi-glass shields in key areas. Guest keys are new and not re-used. Pens are disinfected after each Guest use. All areas are disinfected on a regular basis.

Signage - Signage regarding local mandates and health & hygiene reminders are located throughout the property. This includes in heart of the house Team Member areas to reinforce training.

Housekeeping Services - Saddlebrook understands how important cleanliness is and it prepared to fulfill our “clean promise” and provide a sanitized room for your safety. In addition to utilizing CDC recommended cleaning products, for the safety of Saddlebrook’s Guests and Team Members, we are limiting entry into Guest rooms in the following way: Housekeeping services will be offered every 3 days, unless requested otherwise. Service will be provided only when Guests are not present in the room. Requests for amenities such as linens, which have been previously sterilized and wrapped, will be delivered and left outside the Guests room. Coffee amenities will not be kept in Guest rooms, but will be available upon request, to ensure that only the occupants of the room have contact with these items. Room self-sanitization kits will be provided upon requests at the front desk.

Laundry - All linen will continue to be washed at high temperature and accordance with CDC guidelines.

Food and Beverage - In addition to all standard protocols, Saddlebrook is taking a number of enhanced measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Dishware is sanitized through low and high temperature machines, more frequent sanitizing of food contact surfaces and equipment, staff is equipped with the appropriate PPE, single use disposable ware is available upon request, condiments will be served in single use containers, pens and other reusable Guest contact items will be sanitized after each use, menus are single use, seating is compliant with social distancing guidelines and napkin service will be suspended until further notice. Room service has been suspended but menu items are available for Guest pick up.

Pool Operations - Pool seating will be configured to allow at least 6 feet of separation between Guests. Chaise lounges will be regularly sanitized. Despite CDC guidelines suggesting there is no evidence that Covid 19 can be spread between pools and hot tubs, Saddlebrook will increase the frequency of maintenance, disinfection and routine chemical checks.