Golf Lesson Specials

Golf Lesson Specials


We have developed three a la carte offerings, and whether you are a serious golfer or weekend warrior, we know you will learn from and enjoy them.
The three programs, taught by our Saddlebrook Golf Academy Instructors, take place at our 16-acre Golf Training Center and Range, which encompasses every element of the game as well as state-of-the-art TrackMan, SAM BalanceLab, and SAM PuttLab technology.  The Saddlebrook Golf Training Center and Range set our internationally acclaimed golf resort apart from any other golf destination.
See below and invest 30, 45, or 60 minutes in our programs, guaranteed to improve your game as well as making it more enjoyable and fun.


Putting Video Analysis – 30 Minute Session - $50 per person.

Putting Video Analysis, Drill Setup, and Execution.
This putting session will highlight the do’s and don’ts of your putting stroke. Video analysis will be utilized to show you where your habits are and drills will be implemented to “fix” your mistakes.
Upgrade: For an additional $50, upgrade to a full hour and have your putting stroke analyzed on our state of the art SAM PuttLab.


Up and Down Program – 45 Minute Session - $75 per person.

Work with our qualified short game coaches on chipping, pitching, and bunker shots. If you are having trouble, we will improve your game around the green or your money back! Learn keys drills and exercises you can take home with you to solidify your short game.
Upgrade: For an additional $25, see your short game motion on video and take it home to remind you how to do it right every time.


TrackMan Radar Analysis – 60 Minute Session - $90 per person.

Work in depth and crunch some numbers with our certified TrackMan instructors using the TrackMan Radar. This radar uses the “Doppler radar principle” to track the golf ball from launch to landing. Go through your bag and track your yardages or just hit your driver and make sure the spin and carry distance is being “optimized” relative to your club head speed.
Upgrade: For an additional $25, we will video the swing session and use this analysis to improve your swing and gain more yardage from the tee.
To book your Golf Lesson Special or for any questions, please call 813-907-4565, or email