Wildlife & Green Initiatives

Saddlebrook, a Certified Florida Green Lodging Property in a Nature Preserve

Saddlebrook Resort is a certified Florida Green Lodging property located on a gated 480-acre Florida nature preserve. Saddlebrook continues to set the bar for environmental conservation, and is a certified Florida Green Lodging with a comprehensive resort-wide recycling program and continuously evolving eco-friendly initiatives. As you walk, jog, or bike along pathways of our eco-friendly Tampa Bay resort, we invite you to take in the tropical landscaping and views that surrounds us.

During your stay, you may catch a glimpse of the area's colorful wildlife, which includes an array of birds from Sandhill Cranes, Wood Storks and Great Blue Herons to Snowy Egrets, and wildlife, even alligators. Fragrant flowers compliment the swaying palms and stately cypress trees dripping with Spanish moss beckoning guests to explore and convene with the elements. We invite you to discover Saddlebrook's timeless natural beauty for yourself.

Nature Map & Walking Guide

Recycling & Green Initiatives at Tampa's Saddlebrook Resort

Saddlebrook and its affiliates, including Saddlebrook Preparatory School, the Saddlebrook Golf Academy and Saddlebrook International Tennis, offer a comprehensive property-wide recycling program that covers an array of materials from aluminum, paper and glass to electronics and batteries.

As one of the top environmentally friendly hotels in Tampa Bay, Florida, our "Green" programs are constantly evolving and expanding to widen conservation efforts. We are also actively pursuing a green buying program to use our purchasing dollars towards creating a more hospitable environment for everyone. Below you will find a few highlights that showcase our more recent Green initiatives. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want additional information and/or have suggestions concerning Saddlebrook's conservation efforts.

Golf Course Water Conservation:

Saddlebrook recently completed a nearly $2 Million renovation on our signature Arnold Palmer-designed golf course, which included the addition of an advanced irrigation system. This computer-controlled system uses only a fraction of the water required by a typical Florida golf course.

Laundry Treatment Facility:

The resort's eco-friendly laundry facility features an extremely high temperature wash cycle and use only mild biodegradable detergents in all of our processes.

Habitat Preservation:

Saddlebrook maintains some exceptionally beautiful natural corridors, which not only enhance our guests' enjoyment, but serves to protect several plant and animal species indigenous to our area. This includes the Great Egret and the Bald Cypress Tree, two key endangered species of flora and fauna that are fighting for a place in the local wetland ecosystem.

Active Climate Control:

With over 40% of electrical energy consumption associated with climate control, Saddlebrook has installed active climate control systems in our guest rooms and meeting facilities. Our conference center is computer-controlled to cool only the rooms that need it, at exactly the right levels. Similarly, when guest rooms are unoccupied, thermostats are turned down to a predetermined setting, which keeps the room fresh, but does not cool excessively.

Electric Carts & Employee Transportation:

When it comes to guest room transportation, resort maintenance and golf course use, the majority of the carts in the Saddlebrook fleet run on rechargeable electric batteries. Not only is this better for the environment, but also results in less noise pollution so you can fully enjoy your resort experience. By using a model of central parking and providing bus transportation for our team members, we calculate that on average we save about 200 miles per day of cars being driven on the open roads.